tisdag 30 december 2008

The coolest!

I tried theese shoes on at an outlet a few days ago. Now I can't stop thinking of them. They are stuck in my brain. You can buy them online here with 50% off.

Oh, I forgot. From Hope.

måndag 29 december 2008

söndag 28 december 2008

Best of 2008: BOOTIES

A little poem

"There are forever,
buildings to be made,
music to be composed, art to be created,
clothes to be designed,
and photographs to be taken.
But high speed can make for wrong turns,
and short cuts can come out the wrong place.
Inspiring are those who break free to find a richer soil in wich to create"

lördag 27 december 2008


Oh my Gaaaad. Acne knows how to do it.

fredag 26 december 2008


We has been given a few damn good covers this year.

torsdag 25 december 2008

That picture

I think it tells a lot about a person by the music it listens too. I am a Coldplay fan. Fell free too judge me.
Listen to a really really nice song by clicking on the photo.


Welcome my friends!
This is going to be a really hot and awesome blog. I can feel it. So let's be here from the start and you wont miss a thing.
Fille le flash