tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Over und out

Jo det här med blogg känns ju faktiskt jävligt ute, och eftersom jag vill ju vara cool kid så tar vi och avslutar det här.

Tack för visat intresse!

söndag 16 augusti 2009

random fashionable pics

He's my man, I have nothingf personally against him, but when they fuck it up...ey man..!

Oj, det är tungt på P3 ikväll. Big daddy Kane! -88

"It's no ones business who I have sex with ok? U know wad I'm sayin'! I like chix that's all. U know wad I'm sayin'. U know, I bang em', but...that's no ones bizness. U know wad I'm sayin', ey!"

Bolt sprang på 9,58.

Well, that's gangsta.

onsdag 12 augusti 2009


Man har så kul med Tofifee

Kollar på Simpsons och äter Tofifee.
Ja det är roligt.

Huvud, axlar, knä och tå.

Skjorta och väst: Acne, shorts: Levi's, sandaler, Bottega Veneta, glasögon: grandfather



söndag 9 augusti 2009


Partille-Johnny brudarna har tagit det här med gummisnoddar på benen till en ny nivå.
Nu även på tights.

lördag 8 augusti 2009

Sorry men det här är ju hysteriskt roligt!!

There is nothing wrong with wearing your underwear outside your trackpants and stumbling down the street like you’re invisible (just kidding, there is) but can we not dig up a pair where the asshole hasn’t been blown out by farts? How much is new underwear, a buck?
En "DON'T" alltså...

En till bara

Girls like to pretend they aren’t going to have kids, but when they see moms like this glide down the street in Chanel boots talking to some rich fag they secretly think, “One day.”
Detta var en "DO" btw.

fredag 7 augusti 2009


Älskar Vicelands inslag "DOs and DON'Ts". Quotar några just 4U guys.

Over 60 percent of what we say is communicated via body language. This gesture is saying, “I big-upped Vice on Proj Run so I could dress like a sex-addict IP guy and THEY still make me a DO.”


It's nice when people go to a lot of trouble putting together a perfect weekend outfit cause it shows they care about making the night something special, but our hearts still belong to the last-minuters who dive through a pile of clothes and are ready to rage.


As cool as it would be to have telekinesis, you know there'd be no way to keep your brain under control when a girl like this walks up with her top held together by one stressed out button.

We thought these guys didn’t get the memo that every doorgirl in the city has explicit instructions “not to let any striped shirts in.” Then we found out it’s a warning date rapists wear on purpose. “We use them to let girls know they should stay away,” one of them told us, “We don’t want to be tempted just as much as girls don’t want to get raped.”

I was at a party once and a guy was doing a helicopter thing with his head because he had a braid like this and I go, “What’s the matter with you? Are you on acid or something?” Then I laugh and go upstairs to pee and his mother is sitting there on the stairs. Turns out he did acid a year before and had been fucked in the head ever since! She had brought him to the party hoping that seeing his old friends might pull him back into reality. In other words, sir, you look like a mentally-ill bummer that tears families apart.

"In "This Is England" we see the ideal tailoring for poor white people. This look is for someone a third of his age who is up waaaay past his bed time"

Women love guys in brown shirts because it reminds them of the Nazis and they all had a wide-on for Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List.

Dude, no offense but might it be time to throw in the towel? You look like a crumpled paper bag.

Weirdo in the mismatched socks with the tiny guitar is lame on MTV, but if a guy is by himself in Australia it’s the kind of authentic eccentricity that eventually makes one a great dad.


I'm addicted to all N.A.S.A.'s song from their album "The spirit of Apollo". Especially to this super cool song feautering Santogold, Lykke Li and Kanye West. Gifted.

Cliquez sur l'image!

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

Padam! Padam!

La piaf chante quand vous cliquez sur l'image.


söndag 2 augusti 2009

Sweden, I haven't missed u, at all!

Som den sanna modebloggaren jag är så är det i stort sett min plikt visa upp vad jag har på mig, även under semestern. Kling gör't ju! Den uppmärksamma lade märke till bilden i det föregående inlägget visandes en skylt som i sin tur visar 39 grader celsius. Så detta är alltså vad jag hade på mig när jag inte var iförd endast bikini, vid poolen och playan förstås..
Oj då, lite väl intensiv blick kan tyckas.

Papegojbandana från 80-talet och leopardbikini.

Italienarna stod sig nog ganska så oförstående till min svart-vita look. Dom gillar mer det där med mönster, krims, krams och krås. Dessutom förstördes mitt försök till att se Italiensk ut ytterligare då mitt nyfärgade hår i mörkt brunt genast blonderades med hjälp av solens strålar. Damn it!
Knatade jag runt i vita jeansshorts från Levi's, stora softa skjortor (på bilden från Acne) och bandana.


Nu mina vänner har jag laddat upp med Limoncello, tursitprylar och en bränna som med lite tur består sig några veckor. Sorrento och Amalfikusten var lovely och jag kommer komma tillbaka. Precis som jag just gjorde till bloggen.